Research on the Duluth Model and Domestic Violence:


Program Evaluation Activities at Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs

This article summarizes the ongoing program evaluation methods and results of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.


Countering Confusion About the Duluth Model

This article responds to criticism of the Duluth Model arising from several studies. It clarifies the differences between the results, myths, and assumptions of the various studies and the actual work of the Duluth Model.


Theoretical and Research Support for the Duluth Model: A Reply to Dutton and Corvo

This article, by researcher Ed Gondolf, discusses psychological theory and criminal justice research that supports the Duluth Model and its utility.


National Institute of Justice Special Report – Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Judges

This resource guide helps criminal justice system practitioners decide what to do based on current research about domestic violence.


Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

This article delineates the intersection between substance abuse and intimate partner violence.


National Institute of Justice Compendium of Research on Violence Against Women 1993 – 2008

This guide summarizes research studies on violence against women.