Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs Co-Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
BASE TEAM: Duluth Family Visitation Center/Women’s Advocacy

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs was the first intervention project started in 1980 that focused on working with both governmental and nongovernmental agencies using an organizing method that has come to be known as the Duluth Model. The goal was always to improve the lives of victims experiencing battering, hold offenders accountable while offering opportunities for rehabilitation. The Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs created the first coordinated community response across all criminal justice agencies, the first visitation center focused on those experiencing ongoing domestic violence and one of the first rehabilitation programs for those who batter their intimate partner. The programs created in Duluth have been adapted worldwide and our work as an agency is local, national and international in scope. The Mission and Values of DAIP are:


The Mission of Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs is to end violence against women. We give voice to diverse women who are battered by translating their experiences into innovative programs and institutional changes that centralize victim safety. We partner with communities worldwide to inspire the social and political will to eliminate violence against women and their families.


  • We listen to battered women: Our work involves active engagement with women who have experienced violence so that our efforts are guided by their realities and concerns.
  • We educate to promote liberation: An educational process of dialogue and critical thinking is central to our efforts to assist women in understanding and confronting the violence directed against them, and to our efforts to challenge and support men who commit to ending battering.
  • We advocate for institutional and social change: We examine the practices and policies of social and governmental agencies that intervene in the lives of battered women, and address systemic problems by engaging with institutional practitioners and leaders in the development of creative and effective solutions.
  • We struggle against all forms of oppression. Women are not defined by a single identity, but live in the intersection of their race, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation. Our work must also challenge all systems of oppression that create a climate of supremacy and intolerance that facilitates violence and exploitation in women’s lives.
  • We promote non-violence and peace: Every step we take, every interaction we have with others, is an opportunity to advance non-violence, continually working toward and building a culture and a future of peace.

Co-Executive Director

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs believes in the Co-Director model. Shared leadership is more aligned with our history in the feminist movement and is more in line with our organizational identity while also giving space to individual identities. Over the years, DAIP has had many iterations of shared leadership. In our early years, we were a collective and then moved to a leadership team which then turned into a single ED and now to Co-Executive Directors. Each had its advantages and weaknesses but DAIP as an agency positions most organizational issues up for collective discussion and decision. Shared leadership better reflects how the agency currently operates.

Each Co-Director has a Base Team of which DAIP has two: The Duluth Family Visitation Center and Women’s Advocacy, and the other Base team is the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project and the National Training Project. Each Base Team is where a portion of the sustained funding for the Co-Director’s position is derived from. Although both Co-Directors have leadership responsibilities for the whole organization, day to day decisions and direction can be split between Base Teams.

Base Team:

The Duluth Family Visitation Center (DFVC), a program of Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP), provides a safe and comfortable place for parents and children experiencing domestic violence to continue building positive relationships. We are looking for someone who is experienced working with children, able to deal with people in crisis and have experience working with domestic violence victims, offenders or both. This agency as a whole works toward eliminating violence in the lives of women and their children and is committed to eliminating oppression of all kinds. We are looking for employees who are also committed to this goal and have experience in social change efforts. The role the DFVC plays is a crucial one within our local Coordinated Community Response. Not only does it provide supervised exchanges, it also has a role in developing innovative tools and interventions to promote safety for victims and accountability for offenders within the community.

Women’s Advocacy in DAIP often comes out of the work of the DFVC. It also comes from women referred by CPS, the courts with women convicted of domestic assault for advocacy and rehabilitation and occasionally for women who need a no contact order although most of those women are served by our two other shelter/advocacy programs in Duluth.


Administrative Activities

  1. Facilitate short and long term planning that involves working with those we serve in the center and our referring agencies to continue to build on the success of the DFVC program. Participate in CCR discussions, planning and implementation efforts for initiatives.
  2. Develop and execute yearly budgets in partnership with Co-Executive Director and administrative staff.
  3. Responsible for keeping the VC team members advised of all administrative decisions and conveying their input on agency goals and objectives.
  4. Actively seek funding opportunities for the DFVC and develop proposals to secure funding for the program.
  5. In partnership with Co-Executive Director and the Board, oversee the policy development, organizational growth, and financial stability of the DFVC/DAIP.
  6. Attend Board Meetings.
  7. Maintain positive relationships with funding agencies and punctually submit all required program reports to funders.
  8. Ensure that when any program participant records are leaving DAIP premises, there is documentation.
  9. Approve time sheets and expenditures for disbursements from team budgets.
  10. Handle personnel matters concerning program staff according to agency policies, including staff development, updating job descriptions, conflict resolution, and designated disciplinary actions.
  11. Work closely and cooperatively with the DFVC staff with scheduling and all other center operations.
  12. Provide information to DAIP Administration to create a monthly invoice for St. Louis County Child Protection.

Responsibilities: Each Co-Executive Director will be responsible for:

  • Providing vision and leadership for staff, board, partners, and those in the broader community who intervene with domestic abuse.
  • Overseeing and sustaining the organization’s programs, program development, finances, fund development, and brand.
  • Engaging in the work of DAIP, including interventions and training.
  • Deepening partnerships within the region and among communities of interest.
  • Growing the funding base of the organization; garnering resources for operations and growth.

Qualifications: Among desired qualifications are:

  • Education: a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred)

Experience Required:

  • At least five years’ experience leading a nonprofit; and strong grounding in The Duluth Model method of organizing.


  • The ability to implement and ultimately train on DAIP’s interventions.
  • Knowledge of legal and social issues affecting battered women and their families.
  • Experience forging and leading a staff team; experience working with a board of directors.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills; presence and confidence in public settings.
  • Willingness to play a key role in fundraising and an appetite for building and sustaining relationships with key funders.
  • Exceptional organizational skills and experience overseeing and understanding the finances of a nonprofit organization;
  • Experience providing leadership in a collaborative setting.


  • The position is compensated at a range of $50,000 to $60,000 per year, depending on qualifications.
  • Benefits include medical and dental insurance, disability insurance, 401K, and paid vacation and personal days.

To apply:

The position will remain open until successfully filled. Interested candidates should send a letter of introduction and a resume to:

Att. Rene Gutmann
202 East Superior St.
Duluth, MN 55802

Or send to: