Funding Ideas for Training

Need help finding funding to get the training you need? Here are some suggestions:

Local community fundraising

We know that the work to end domestic violence takes the whole community. Forming relationships and partnerships with community organizations can strengthen your work and also help you find additional funds for training fees or travel. Some suggested community organizations for your outreach would be your local criminal justice agencies, service groups such as Kiwanis, Rotary, etc., churches, community development agencies, the city government, the city council, women or children’s advocacy groups, local foundations, etc.

OVW grants

Part of a longer-term funding strategy for more intensive domestic violence work in your community is to pursue federal funding. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) has several grant programs for communities wishing to strengthen their response to domestic violence. Click here for a link.

Partnerships and collaborations

It can be a good strategy to work with other community agencies, neighboring communities, or your state domestic violence coalition to form partnerships or collaborations around training, staff development and positive change in your community. Several communities can work together to sponsor one training participant who can bring the information back to those communities. Or, several communities could work together or partner with the state coalition to sponsor a training. Click here to read more about holding trainings in your community.

We can come to you

Sometimes inviting us to conduct a training in your community can be more affordable than sending training participants to one of our trainings in Duluth or other locations. You might sponsor us to come on your own, or you might partner with other community agencies, other communities, or your state coalition. Click here to read more about holding trainings in your community.


We are occasionally able to offer full or partial scholarships to organizations or individuals to participate in our Duluth, MN Creating a Proces of Change for Men Who Batter curriculum trainings. Scholarship application to download the scholarship application form.