Men’s Nonviolence Classes

Domestic abuse happens when men believe they have the right to authority over women who are their intimate partners. DAIP’s Men’s Nonviolence Classes help men stop battering and explore the consequences of the violence for themselves, their partner and their children.

“In class we talk about what it means to live nonviolently. We help each man see himself and expose the beliefs that lead to his violence. And we explore the consequences of the violence to ourselves, our partners and our children.”– Barry Anderson, Men’s Nonviolence Class Facilitator.

“They talk about a man box, [at the Men’s Group] and it’s kind of how men are, and I never saw myself like that until they mentioned it. It’s basically I’m superior. I do what I want. Being disrespectful towards anybody. I’ve never seen myself like that until I came here.” – Jess, Duluth Men’s Nonviolence Class

“Through the groups I came to a new connection to myself, a person that is loveable, and capable in peaceable relationship. I want to be that person. Because of the men’s groups I know it is a real possibility.” – Anonymous, Participant with the Duluth Nonviolence Class

90 to 100 men complete our 27-week Men’s Nonviolence Class every year. Seven out of 10 men who complete our program are not arrested again for domestic assault.

Men’s Nonviolence Classes Information

We are located at:
Center for Nonviolence
202 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Orientations are held on the third floor of the building

Upcoming Men’s Nonviolence Class Orientations:

Friday, March 6, 8:30-10:30am
Friday, April 3, 8:30-10:30am

The cost of the orientation is $20. It is not necessary to call ahead unless you have questions.

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays: 10:30-noon
Tuesdays: 5:30-7:00pm
Tuesdays: 6:00-7:30pm
Wednesdays: 10:00-11:30am
Wednesdays: 6:00-7:30pm
Thursdays: 10:00-11:30am
Thursdays: 5:30-7:00pm

For questions, please contact Pat Goodman, Men’s Program Monitor, at 218-722-2781 ext. 106 or

A woman will be safe, when the man who batters her changes. Help make women safe.