DAIP’s Duluth Family Parenting Time Center (DFPTC) works to restore safety and repair harm in the lives of women and children after abuse. The DFPTC is currently providing supervised parenting time such as; Family Steps Program, On-going, On-site, Via zoom, Exchanges, and Communication. All services focus on building safe and positive relationships

At this time, we are requiring an order be issued through the court system to qualify for services. Each case will be reviewed by the DFPTC staff upon completing enrollment forms. Due to limited capacity, domestic violence cases will be prioritized.

Each family using services will be given the opportunity to use the exchange services, staff support, and DAIP resources during their time with us. Participation review will occur regularly with the intention of families to move forward towards off-site/unsupervised parenting time/exchanges.


Step 1) Both guardians will fill out the Online Enrollment Forms.

Step 2) After both guardians have submitted their forms, a DFPTC staff person will call/email each party separately to start the process of orientation and possible scheduling.

Step 3) Both guardians will complete orientation prior to services taking place.

Program Information:

Updated Parenting Time Welcome Packet 

Duluth Family Parenting Time Center Hours

We work with families on an individual basis to schedule times for their services to take place. Available options are limited but we will do our best to accommodate the service times needed.

Sundays: Call to Schedule – 9am – 5pm
Mondays: Call to Schedule – 11am – 7pm
Tuesdays: Closed
Wednesdays: Call to Schedule – 4pm – 8pm
Thursdays: Call to Schedule – 11am – 3pm
Fridays: Call to Schedule – 11am – 3pm
Saturdays: Closed

Contact the Duluth Family Parenting Time Center staff at 218-722-2781 ext. 204 or email vcstaff@theduluthmodel.org with questions.