CPC Training Evaluation

  • In the next few questions, please indicate if you'd like the amount of time spent increased, decreased or to remain the same.
  • Online vs In-Person Training

    This three-day CPC training was converted to a "zoom" format in early 2020. Before then, most participants would travel to Duluth, MN, maybe rent a car and spend at least 3 nights in a hotel. There are pros/cons to In-person of training.

    For an in-person training:

    • Pro: building bonds with people from around the world with similar interests
    • Pro: one-on-one time with the trainer(s)
    • Pro: Duluth is a nice place to be in the summer
    • Con: the days before and after training are "travel days"
    • Con: it's at least $1000 for travel and hotel fees
    • Con: Duluth isn't a place most want to visit in the winter (November - March)

    And you can pretty much flip-flop the pros/cons for an online/virtual training.

    For the foreseeable future, we don't plan to hold any in-person trainings.