This webinar was part three in the “Coordinating a Community Response to Women’s Use of Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships” series and looked at how to adapt a Coordinated Community Responses to address battered woman as defendants.
Mary and Melissa discussed the development of Duluth’s criminal justice response to battered defendants.
Facilitated by:
Mary Asmus, Assistant City Attorney – Duluth, MN
Melissa Petrangelo Scaia – Executive Director of DAIP

If you attended the webinar, please check your email for a link to the free replay.

If you missed any of the webinars in the series, they are available here:

#1 Why Do So Many Battered Women Find Themselves in Batterer’s Intervention Groups?

#2 Self-Defense and Predominant Aggressor Determinations


Slides used during the webinar – Download

Turning Points Curricula for Women Who Use Violence-Preview  – Download

Crossroads manual and policy as well as other resources:

Risk Questions asked to every victim of domestic assault by the Duluth, MN police department:

  1. Do you think he/she will seriously injure or kill you, your children, or someone else close to you? What makes you think so? What makes you think not? Does he/she have access to guns?
  2. How frequently does he/she assault you? Describe the time you were the most frightened or injured by him/her.
  3. Does he/she initiate unwanted contact either electronically or in person? Describe the unwanted contact. How often?
  4. How frequently doe he/she intimidate or threaten you? Has he/she intimidated or threatened you regarding talking to police or seeking help from the court?
  5. Has he/she ever forced you to do things sexually you didn’t want to?

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