Advanced Facilitation Webinar Series

Have you been trained in the Duluth Curriculum Creating a Process of Change for Working with Men Who Batter?  Have you started classes and now have scores of questions about actually doing the work now that you’re in the room with the men?  In a time when travel has become limited, you can virtually join the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program’s lead trainer Scott Miller as he takes participants through an interactive series of presentations that will deepen facilitator understanding of the curriculum. 

Whether you have been using our curriculum for years or whether you have just started, these webinars seek to meet a need expressed by the hundreds of people we train each year – “we need help implementing what we’ve been trained on once we start doing the work.” 

At different points in the series, Scott will have invited guests who do this work in culturally specific settings. You will hear from experts who translate this work into a specific cultural context. And we will have examples of women’s real lived experiences.

The goal of each webinar is to deepen understanding of the challenging work we are all trying to do and improve our ability to deliver the conversations that lead to change.  And the best part is, we come to you so you don’t even have to leave your living room or office. 

Sign up today and be part of the ongoing conversation to improve the safety of those who are victimized and offer opportunities for abusers to engage in a process of change. 

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