Addressing Fatherhood with Men Who Batter Curriculum Package


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Our partners at Advocates for Family Peace have developed a new curriculum for working with men who batter who are fathers that works in tandem with our Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter curriculum.
This curriculum is for batterer intervention programs facilitators and parenting skills program coordinators who seek to either start a separate class for fathers or want exercises that address fatherhood to include in standard classes with men who batter.
The curriculum is also relevant to parenting skills coordinators who want to gain the skills to screen for fathers who batter and to work with them in a format that addresses their role as a co/parallel parent.
Authors: Melissa Scaia, Laura Connelly and John Downing
Consultants: Ellen Pence and Sylvia Olney
Facilitator’s Manual
The manual covers four themes:
  • Examining men who batter’s childhood experiences with their own father.
  • The impact on children of men’s battering.
  • Becoming a more nurturing, child-centered father.
  • Examining how men who batter can be respectful, non-violent and more supportive of their children’s mother and of the mother-child relationship.
The accompanying DVD includes four vignettes and one 911 call to be used as a tool for dialogue in batterer intervention groups or parenting skills groups. They may also be used for community education on men who batter as fathers.
The curriculum manual and DVD may also be purchased separately.

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