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Men who batter use different tactics to gain control over their partners or families. While the tactics used by Christian men mirror those used by men in the wider culture, the justifications can differ. For example, some men may use their gender as the reason for why they get to decide (“I’m the man so I get to decide”). A Christian man might use Scripture to justify his authority (“wives submit unto your husbands”). In a Christian men’s nonviolence class, much of the discussion may sound no different than in any other class, but the culture a man is raised in or is immersed in will reveal a difference in the foundation of his beliefs around privilege and entitlement.

Our recognition of the ways in which a general nonviolence group might inadvertently block change for many Christian men led us to develop the class and this supplement. Its goal is to support facilitators in creating a culturally respectful setting in which Christian men who batter can explore their beliefs around abusive behavior, confront the consequences of spiritual abuse for Christian women, and move toward a Biblical foundation for equality and nonviolence. We believe that by doing this, women’s lives are safer and the quality and richness of both men and women’s experience in relationship will be greatly improved.

This poster is 20″ w x 22″ h.

The Changing Men Changing Lives Curriculum can be purchased here.

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