Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement: It Started in Duluth DVD


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“Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement: It Started in Duluth” is a fast-paced, informative look at how the best police departments respond to domestic violence. The film starts in Duluth, MN, home of the influential “Duluth Model” and the first jurisdiction to introduce mandatory arrest. Lt. Scott Jenkins is our primary Duluth subject — Jenkins is internationally known for his authoritative and incisive domestic violence trainings. Next, the Family Crimes Unit in Baltimore, MD, an innovative program that puts a domestic violence detective team on the streets as first responders and follow up investigators. Finally, Bronx, NY, and the 46th Precinct — probably the nation’s busiest domestic violence patrol area. Lt. Jenkins in Duluth concludes the video with remarks bound to inspire and inform anyone involved in domestic violence law enforcement.
Peter Cohn is offering this DVD for a special community organization rate of $125. Twenty percent of the proceeds of your purchase will be given to support Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.

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