Men, Battering and Change DVD


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In this new 43-minute video, three men talk about their use of violence and their change process. Each man was arrested for assaulting his partner and court ordered into the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project’s Men’s Nonviolence Program. All three were still in the program at the time of the filming.
The film raises many questions, such as:
  • To what extent do the court systems, the group program, or other factors in the men’s life and community promote their change?
  • Why do some men who batter change significantly and others don’t?
  • What can we learn by listening carefully to men’s experiences?
  • What does a change process look like for men who have been abusive?
  • What makes it difficult for these men to talk about their beliefs and behaviors?
  • How do their experiences differ or conflict with those of battered women and their children?

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