Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America DVD


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“Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America” is a powerful, dramatic and timely exploration of domestic abuse by filmaker Peter Cohn. The documentary examines the shocking persistence of violence against women in the US, as refracted through the story of Kim, a mother of three in Duluth, MN. Duluth was the unlikely birthplace of a revolution in the way society approaches battering, and the second strand of the film tells the story of the leaders from Duluth who remain on the front lines today. “Power and Control” also looks at the sharply contested debate launched by researchers and professors who have challenged the Duluth approach.
The film is a powerful training and outreach tool and is being used with great effectiveness by public and non profit organizations.
Peter Cohn is offering either the 50 or 64 minute versions for a special community organization rate of $125. Twenty percent of the proceeds of your purchase will be given to support Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.
Two specialized films are also available for law enforcement and health care practitioners, each at $125.

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