Customized Trainings

We can help you:

  • Engage, form and strengthen relationships with people in your community
  • Develop a common understanding, strengthen partnerships, and plan of action with community players
  • Re-vitalize your goals and practices

Our trainings offer you:

  • Expertise in developing solutions
  • Affordable and impactful ways to train multiple people
  • Influence and create an impact on your domestic violence outcomes

Sponsoring us to lead a training in your community can be an affordable way to meet your training goals with our expertise. Our trainings are customized to the specific needs of your community. The following are some of the trainings and workshops we provide:

  • Working with men who batter
  • Working with battered women
  • Working with battered women who are arrested for using violence
  • The law enforcement response to domestic assault
  • The probation response to domestic assault
  • A coordinated community response (criminal justice system response)
  • Understanding a victims experience post-separation
  • Designing, policies, and implementation of Visitation Centers

Click here to read more detailed descriptions of the trainings.

Typically, it takes around 10 weeks to schedule a training. Our responsibilities in setting up a training include working with you to design the best training for your needs, making all travel arrangements and sending a sample handout packet for copying in advance. Sponsoring agency responsibilities include gathering the training participants, arranging for the training site and audiovisual equipment, making hotel reservations for the trainers and making copies of the handouts. Sponsoring agencies may charge participants to recover some of the costs of the training, or partner with other agencies to sponsor the training.

Please call or National Training Project staff at 1-866-417-6111, option 1, for more information about costs and arrangements. We’d be happy to partner with you in creating positive change in your community!