Success Stories


These communities and individuals have seen positive change because of the Duluth Model!

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
Spartanburg, South Carolina
“Our work with DAIP helped us to reduce the total number of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) cases in the City and County by 30% in 2008. Domestic violence related homicides decreased 67%, with those homicides representing 10% of the total homicides of the City and County. Historically, they have represented 50% of the total homicides.”

Chris, Participant in our Women’s Group
Duluth, Minnesota
A participant in our women’s groups since 2006, Chris’ ex-husband battered her for years, starting right after her first pregnancy. He raped her, beat her, and threatened to kill her. After breaking a no-contact order, he spent three months in jail and was court-ordered to attend the men’s nonviolence classes at DAIP. When he later abducted their son and refused to return him to her for four days, DAIP helped Chris obtain court-ordered supervised visitation at the Duluth Family Visitation Center to prevent his further abuse. “DAIP was my safety net, I wasn’t left alone. They helped me through. Justice is served.”

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