What time does training start? I need help with time zone conversion.

Most CPC and CCR training will start at 9am Central Time. If you happen to live in the Central time zone and follow the same Daylight Savings schedule as we do in Duluth, MN, things will be pretty easy for you.


Help! I live in a different time zone

We will cover two different ways to convert to your time zone. First uses Google and the second uses a website called Dateful. Don’t hesitate to email if you have questions or would like help figuring out start times.– jfluguear@theduluthmodel.org.



Google is the easiest way to convert time zones. It seems to work most of the time. Note: if you are using a VPN to make it appear you’re in a different location, this won’t work.

In the following example, let’s pretend you live in Washington, DC.

1) Go to google.com (or click here to have it search automatically)

2) In the search box, type “9am Duluth, MN”

3) You will hopefully get the converted time for Washington, DC and it’ll look something like:

If you live outside of North America, the Google trick should still work. But make sure to pay attention to the days. Let’s redo the above steps for Tokyo, Japan

Notice that 9am Tuesday in Duluth is Wednesday (midnight) in Tokyo. Australia and Singapore are other places where it’s usually the next day.



The United States begins Daylight Savings at 2am on the second Sunday of March. And it ends at 2am on the first Sunday of November. If time zones weren’t confusing already, they get even more complex if your location doesn’t observe Daylight Savings or uses a different formula.

This is where Dateful can help. (https://dateful.com/schedule)

When you first go to the page, you’ll see three columns. “Local Time” and then two cities located in your general region..

Each summer we do training that is “Friendly” to Australia and the surrounding time zones. People in North America also like it since they can work during the day and attend training in the evening.  In 2023, it is/was Monday July 17 – Thursday July 20.  And the times are 4pm-11pm, Duluth time.

Let’s see what time this training starts in Tokyo, Japan. First we’ll change the date to July 17, 2023 on the Dateful website.

Since the date applies to the first column of the table, click on “Local Time” and start typing in “Duluth, Minnesota”.and select it from the options when it appears.

Change the second column to YOUR CITY/LOCATION. Since we’re looking for the start time in Tokyo Japan, we’ll change it to Tokyo.  But if you’re in Singapore, you’d set the 2nd column to Singapore.

Double check that the date is set to the first date of the training. Then look for 4PM in the Duluth column. You’ll see that 4PM Monday in Duluth is 6AM Tuesday in Tokyo.

Again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like help getting the start time figured out. Let me know the date of your training and I’ll be happy to help – jfluguear@theduluthmodel.org