Volunteering is a great way to be involved in the work to end domestic violence!
There are many ways to be involved at Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.

Here are the stories of a few of our volunteers:


Katherine Mandelin

Launching our National Practitioner Network

Katherine is a recent college graduate and AmeriCorps member. She loves to analyze statistics and research the how and why of things. That makes her a great match for her volunteer job launching our national practitioner network. This network will help domestic violence practitioners across the country engage in conversation about their work and the Duluth Model.

“I like how DAIP is all-encompassing for social change. I can help people network to find solutions to end domestic violence in their communities.”

Lyle Wildes

Helping Develop Positive Attitudes

Lyle leads our men’s nonviolence group orientations, two of our men’s nonviolence groups and his own positive attitude development group. Each day he asks the men in his groups to turn some negative situation into a positive opportunity. He helps participants see DAIP as a non-judgmental agency that believes they can change for the positive.

“All the men I’ve met have had the best of intentions in being in a partner but they’ve come to realize that they have belief systems that make that impossible. I see men acknowledge that is not how they want to be and change. DAIP’s process works—change IS possible.”

Carmen Wendland

Contributing to Keeping Kids Safe

As the president of our board, Carmen is passionate about contributing to any efforts of the organization that enhance the safety of women and children in the community. Her enthusiasm for children’s issues makes her a strong advocate of DAIP’s Duluth Family Visitation Center, educating other community members about its vital role in keeping kids safe.

“It’s important that there are options and places to get assistance for women and children. Having a Visitation Center for families is vital when there is a history of domestic violence and the safety of a child and/or parent is an issue.”

To learn more about volunteering, contact Jennifer Rouse 218-722-2781 x 117 or jrouse@theduluthmodel.org.