Using or Adapting the Wheels

Our wheel images are copyrighted.

Because DAIP supports its work through training and curriculum sales, we don’t allow reproduction of the wheels, which are copyrighted, in any revenue-generating activity without permission. They may be used in men’s educational classes, groups for battered women or community education presentations as long as they are credited to the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program as noted on the wheels. For other uses, please submit a written request to our National Training Project. Requests are considered on a case by case basis. The following information must be submitted:

For permission to reproduce or use our copyrighted materials in a revenue-generating and non-revenue generating activity:

  • Explain the desired use and purpose of including our image into your material.
  • Explain how you will introduce the image.
  • Provide an example of how the image will appear in your materials (only original DAIP images with credit will be approved).

For permission to make an adaptation:

Programs wishing to adapt the wheels in any way should submit a written request to our National Training Project. Please provide the following information when requesting permission for an adaptation:

  • Explain the desired use and purpose of the adaptation.
  • How does the adapted wheel reflect power imbalances between abusers and victims?
  • Did the content for your adaptation come from focus groups with those experiencing abuse? If so, please elaborate.

Due to the large amount of wheel requests we receive. DAIP will process each request in the order they have been received.

Our National Training Project may be contacted at