1983 Duluth is selected for the “President’s Award” from the Minnesota
Corrections Association for its work in the domestic violence field.
1987 The City of Duluth receives the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government “Innovations in American Government Award” for its changes in public policy regarding domestic assault.
1994 The Minnesota Medical Association selects the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project as one of three recipients for its first annual “Stop the Violence” award.
1996 Dr. Lonnie Bristol, president of the American Medical Association presented the “President’s Award of Excellence” to the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project for its model of coordinated community response to domestic assault.
2009 Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs receives the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation’s “Touchstone Award” for its contribution to the “4 Ts” of economic development: Technology, Territorial Assets, Talent and Tolerance.
2010 The Battered Women’s Justice Project receives an “Angel Award” from the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community for extraordinary outreach efforts in communities of color to promote safety, support, and social justice for battered women, their children, and families affected by domestic violence.
2014 Out of 25 international nominations, the “Duluth Model” was the only policy to be awarded the 2014 Future Policy Award for Ending Violence against Women and Girls or Gold Award. The Future Policy Award is the only international award which recognizes policies rather than people, and the “Duluth Model” is the first humanitarian policy to be honored in the history of the award.