Advanced Facilitation – Webinar 2



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When: Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Time: 1pm – 3pm Central Standard Time

How can you, as a facilitator, increase your effectiveness in exposing Emotional Abuse and the Use of Children as tactics in a violent relationship? The answer is, use what we know from victim experiences to inform our exploration while facilitating men’s non-violence groups.

In the second webinar of this series, we will be demonstrating to viewers how to integrate both the women’s and children’s experience into your work to improve your facilitation while simultaneously using the tools of the curriculum.

Facilitating a process involving the tactics of emotional abuse and the use of children requires more than simply focusing on what the abuser does to get his partner and children to comply. This webinar has been designed to link together the tactics, a victim’s experience, and how our roles as facilitators provide an opportunity for change.

These webinars are not meant to take the place of the 3 day Comprehensive training. Certification in “Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter” curriculum will not be provided from attending these webinars. The webinars are meant to build on prior training provided Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.

No prior certification is necessary to attend although we highly recommend completing our comprehensive training prior to viewing the webinars.

Please contact our training department with any questions.

218-722-2781 ext. 205