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PLEASE NOTE: This training will take place from 4pm – 11pm Central Daylight Time within the United States.

This option was created based on the high demand of training requests we receive from Australia. Our hope is to be able to provide a training that better suits the needs of our international participants. The dates listed above convert to July 18th – 21st from 7am-2pm for those located in the AEST time-zone.

If you are located within any other time-zone, you may still register for this training as well. This link might be helpful in figuring out the start time in your area.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING INFORMATION: In an effort to ensure that we are aligning with the 25 hours of training requirements that Australia participants need to complete, the following changes have been made and are being offered for these training dates:

  • We will be offering an extra 5 and 1/2 hours of training on day four from 4:00pm – 10:00pm Central Time. These hours are optional to attend although they are intended to be used towards the 25 hour training requirement in Australia. All participants will still be fully trained in the Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter curriculum by attending days 1-3 and certificates will be sent to those who choose not to attend the extra half day. Each certificate will reflect the amount of training hours completed by each participant. 
  • If you choose to only attend days 1-3, you will receive 19 and 1/2 hours of training credits (CEUs).
  • The lunch break will be 30 minutes long vs the 1 hour we normally offer. (Again, this is to make sure we are covering the 25 hour requirement in Australia.) 

Training Content: The curriculum Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter was developed using the Duluth Model method of organizing a coordinated community response to domestic violence. The men’s program is just one intervention that works in concert with all other interventions in the community and within the criminal justice system The training is perfect for anyone who is:

  • Starting a batterer intervention program
  • New to men’s non-violence group facilitation
  • Looking to sharpen their facilitation skills and deepen their insight.

We strongly encourage anyone who is using early versions of the curriculum or parts or adaptations of more-recent versions to join us. Learning about the curriculum in this context should both deepen your understanding of the curriculum and how best to use it in a social change framework. All training leaders are experienced Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter group facilitators. The topics they cover will include:

  • Theories that guide Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter
  • Facilitating structured, interactive classes
  • Establishing and maintaining dialogue while avoiding collusion
  • Using control logs, equality logs, exercises including role-plays and video vignettes
  • Helping men identify and change beliefs that support violence
  • Learning how a Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter program fits within a Duluth Model interagency coordinated community response

Materials include articles and other information resources, sample forms, and curriculum supplements. DAIP strongly encourages registered participants to read the following materials prior to the training. Doing so will prepare you for a deeper discussion of our work and how you might adapt it in your own community.

A Discussion on the Duluth Curriculum with Ellen and Luis
The Development of the Power and Control
The Duluth Model

Certificates of Completion are provided. Participants who complete this training are eligible to buy the 2011 edition of Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. Click here to read more about the curriculum.

Certificates of Completion will reflect the number of hours of the training which individuals can use to apply for CEU’s in their state. Click here to learn more about the number of training hours in each DAIP training.

By participating in and/or completing any courses, trainings or conferences offered by Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP), a participant has completed the requirements so the participant may work with our curriculum as a “facilitator.” Participants may be certified to facilitate groups by their states upon completing the DAIP training and purchasing the curriculum. DAIP does not offer “Trainer Certification” courses in/on the Duluth Model or other curriculums. Completion of, or participation in a DAIP training program or conference does not qualify the participant as a trainer or as otherwise certified with respect to any training capacity.

Any and all training and/or conference materials related to the Duluth Model and provided during training, conferences, or as provided online at www.theduluthmodel.org may only be used by participants to facilitate groups locally in accordance with the local classes or groups they provide. All DAIP materials are the sole property of DAIP and these may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise used to train others on our curriculum, our model or work or in connection with any offer of certification on the curriculum, implied or otherwise. Using the materials in this manner is not only a violation of DAIP copyright rights, but may also be a violation of your individual state/local agency rules for certification.


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Phone registration: Call us toll-free at 1-866-417-6111, option 1.
Fax or mail registration: registration and order form Fax number: 218-722-0779


Conducted by national and experienced trainers of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.

Please DO NOT make any arrangements until you receive a confirmation message from DAIP via email. You will receive an online notification of your payment but your confirmation message will be sent in one to three days after your payment has been received.

The Zoom link will open 30 minutes prior to the training start time.

Cancellation policy
Refunds (minus a $75 service charge) will be granted for cancellations at least two weeks before the event.

Contact us at 1-866-417-6111, option 1 or training@theduluthmodel.org.

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