In Our Best Interest: Working with Battered Women Curriculum Package


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This curriculum outlines a process for forming educational and empowerment groups for women who have been battered.
Facilitator’s Handbook
The handbook describes how to organize a women’s group based on themes identified by the group members. It details ten themes frequently used in groups and suggests dozens more. The process described is a liberating education model based on the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.
In Our Best Interest Part 1 DVD
Thirteen 3- to 5-minute scenes depicting a batterer using one or more abusive tactics on the Power and Control Wheel against his partner. These scenes are used at the beginning of women’s groups to focus discussion on one of the many themes explored in the curriculum.
In Our Best Interest Part 2 DVD
Four 20- to 25-minute presentations:
  • “Power and Control: Tactics of Men Who Batter” by Jill Abernathey
  • “Cultural Facilitators of Battering” by Ellen Pence
  • “Women’s Rage” by Rosemary Rocco
  • “Why Do I Feel Crazy?” by Ellen Pence
A Matter of Culture DVD
A 17-minute DVD which examines the nature of violence in society by looking at seven men and women whose experiences of victimization appear to be individual but are, in fact, interconnected. The DVD encourages the viewer to participate in creating a culture based on life-sustaining and nurturing values.

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