Domestic Violence: The Law Enforcement Response Curriculum Package


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Developed jointly by the Law Enforcement Resource Center of Minneapolis and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Duluth, Minnesota, this curriculum is designed to teach law enforcement officers new techniques and approaches to effectively respond to domestic violence cases.
Instructor’s Manual
Includes an instructor’s manual and student guide for comprehensive law enforcement agency training in a one- or two-day format.
Domestic Violence: The Law Enforcement Response DVD
Part 1 – The Changing Role of Law Enforcement
Part 2 – Battering: The Dynamics of an Abusive Relationship.
Handling the Call: Domestic Violence Vignettes DVD
Eight 5 to 10-minute vignettes depicting officers responding to domestic assault calls.Writing the Report DVD
A 30-minute DVD describing how to write a thorough domestic violence-related arrest and investigative report.
Preparation for Training DVD
This DVD contains excerpts from interviews with experts in the domestic violence field and addresses some of the issues that will be raised in the training.

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