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Thank you for your interest in the wheel images we have displayed on our website. This page includes the original wheels developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP) as well as images that have underwent DAIP’s formal adaptation approval process. Adaptations are credited to their creators. Contact information is listed with each image.

We invite you to download any of the wheels linked on our website and use them to inform and educate your own communities. To publish or adapt any of the images, please utilize the link within the Wheel Information Center.

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Original Wheel Images

DAIP Approved Adaptations

Wheel Title

Wheel Image

Creator Context

Power and Control Wheel -

Tactics Used By Gay Men Who Attended An
LGBTI Men's Behaviour Change Program

Thorne Harbour Health

Equity &
Ways To Increase Safety While Gay Men
Attend An LGBTI Behaviour Change Program

Thorne Harbour Health

Power and Control Wheel-The African American/Black Community

Equity Wheel-The African American/Black Community

Economic Power and Control Wheel

Nicola Sharp - Refuge 2008

Post-Separation Ecomonic Power and Control

Women in Politics Power and Control Wheel

Abuse of Animals Wheel

Mary Wakeham - Bristol University

Amish / Plain Community Power and Control Wheel

Caring For Our Mokopuna (Nurturing Wheel)

Power and Control Tactics Used Against Immigrant Women

Tennessee Power and Control



Please note that most Wheel Translations have been submitted by agencies from across the world. The staff at DAIP have worked closely with the submitting agency to finalize the translation but we recognize that we are not always accurately fluent in all of the languages on the list below. If you have any questions, concerns about translation content, or would like to help DAIP evolve this list, please contact our training department at training@theduluthmodel.org. 

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